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Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

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Welcome to Dab Dab Tatts®

The identical look of an Airbush Tattoo without the need for any Electricity, Airbrush Gun, Compressor or special skill

Simple Fast Fun: Low Cost High Returns




Black and Coloured Dab Dab Tatts® Inks

Dab Dab Tatts™ Ink In Coloured Inks including Sponges
1x50ml-1.70 oz Approx 450 applications
Black Ink inc Sponges
$44.99 Buy
Red Ink inc Sponges
$39.99 Buy
Blue Ink inc Sponges
$39.99 Buy
Yellow Ink inc Sponges
$39.99 Buy
White Ink inc Sponges
$39.99 Buy
All 5 Dab Dab Tatts® Inks/Sponges
$185.00 Buy



12 Extra Dab Dab Sponges
Set of 12 Exclusive Dab Dab Sponges
$4.90 Buy
24 Extra Dab Dab Sponges
Set of 24 Exclusive Dab Dab Sponges
$8.00 Buy


Setting Talc

Setting Powder for Dab Dab Tatts®
$3.99 Buy


Stencil Re Stick Ink.

Stencil RE Stick Ink

A must have product for Reusable Stencils or Stencils without any Stick. Instruction send out with goods

15ml $18.00 ea Buy


Airbrush Tattoos vs Dab Dab Tatts® Ink In
Airbrush Tattoos
Dab Dab Tatts®
* Airbrush guns/equip cost $1000 plus
* No extra equipment to buy
* Airbrush guns constantly clog up
* No guns to clog up
* Airbrush tattoos cannot be applied in the wind
* Can be applied in any weather
* Airbrush tattoos have overspray
* Absolutely no overspray
* More equipment to be carried around
* Your whole office in your shoulder bag

* Airbrush requires power

* No power required


On Trend Temporary Tattoos without the need for any eleciricity, gun, compressor or gas.

You can now create Black and Coloured Temporary Tattoos, with as many colours as you can imagine, in only seconds requiring no special skill and is idea for Fetes, Festivals, Hairdressing, Body Tanning, Nail Art salons, Airbrush Studios and All Fundraising and School programmes.

Our product is for Business/Hobby/Fund Raiser that is easy, fast, low cost and extremely high returns. Full Instructions sent out with goods


Individual Stencils size is approx 110mmx80mm each


Cute Frog Temporary Tattoos

No: 62 $0.99 Buy


Hippo Temporary Tattoos

No: 63 $0.99 Buy

Devil Temporary Tattoos

No: 21 $0.99 Buy

Horse Temporary Tattoos


No: 23 $0.99 Buy

Angel Temporary Tattoos


No: 25 $0.99 Buy

Bulldog Temporary Tattoos

No: 26 $0.99 Buy

Eagle Temporary Tattoos

No: 27 $0.99 Buy

Marilyn Temporary Tattoos

No: 29 $0.99 Buy

Spider Temporary Tattoos

No: 30 $0.99 Buy

Eagle Temporary Tattoos

No: 34 $0.99 Buy

Panda Temporary Tattoos

No: 35 $0.99 Buy

Celtic Temporary Tattoos

No: 36 $0.99 Buy

Celtic Temporary Tattoos

No: 37 $0.99 Buy

Dragon Temporary Tattoos

No: 38 $0.99 Buy

Dragon Temporary Tattoos

No: 38A $0.99 Buy

Rose Temporary Tattoos

No: 39 $0.99 Buy

Rose Temporary Tattoos

No: 40 $0.99 Buy

Skull Temporary Tattoos

No: 41 $0.99 Buy

No: 42 $0.99 Buy

Leopard Temporary Tattoos

No: 43 $0.99 Buy

Horse Temporary Tattoos

No: 44 $0.99 Buy

Heart Temporary Tattoos

No: 45 $0.99 Buy

Dragon Temporary Tattoos

No: 47 $0.99 Buy

Bad Girl Temporary Tattoos

No: 48 $0.99 Buy

Dino Temporary Tattoos

No: 50 $0.99 Buy

Cute Turtle Temporary Tattoos

No: 51 $0.99 Buy

Snake Temporary Tattoos

No: 52 $0.99 Buy

Butterfly Temporary Tattoos

No: 54 $0.99 Buy

Tigger Temporary Tattoos

No: 55 $0.99 Buy

Skull Crossbones Temporary Tattoos

No: 56 $0.99 Buy

Dog Temporary Tattoos

No: 57 $0.99 Buy

Nemo Temporary Tattoos

No: 58 $0.99 Buy

Fairy Temporary Tattoos

No: 59 $0.99 Buy

Dolphin Temporary Tattoos

No: 60 $0.99 Buy

Spider Temporary Tattoos

No: 61$0.99 Buy



From: Cooktown District Community Centre Inc.

Hello Raymond,

Thank you for getting our order back to us so quickly and including everything we needed to operate a very successful dab dab tattoo stall at the Cooktown Discovery Weekend festival.

There were actually 3 temporary tattoo stalls at the event, the other two using the spray gun and compressor technique. (which needs a power source to operate- not good for the environment ) and we observed the difficulty the operators of these machine were having trying to apply their product in the windy conditions.

Our stall was manned and operated by young people in the 13-18 age brackets and every dab dab tattoo they applied came out perfectly. Our customers were also very happy as we could charge less for our tatts as we didn't need to purchase the expensive equipment to apply them.

We will be having another dab dab tattoo stall this weekend at the wobble splash dash event being held here in Cooktown. I will get some photos of the kids operating the stall and some of the work they are doing and email to you for use on your website.

Thank you once again

Karen Whipper

Youth worker Cooktown district Community Centre


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