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Temporary Tattoos
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Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

Free Postage in Australia


Temporary Tattoos in Full Colour-Great for Fund Raising, Birthday Parties, Fetes, Tattoo Parties, Festivals and Events

©™2017 RM

25 Temporary Tattoos 50x50mm of your choice below $13.00 BUY

50 Temporary Tattoos 50x50mm of your choice below $25.00 BUY

100 Temporary Tattoos 50x50mm of your choice below $45.00 BUY

200 Temporary Tattoos 50x50mm ( Min 10 per design) of your choice below $84.00 BUY

400 Temporary Tattoos (Min 20 per design) 50x50mm of your choice below $138.00 BUY

500 Temporary (Min 20 per design)Tattoos 50x50mm of your choice below $150.00 BUY


Full Instructions Sent out with goods. Approx size of coloured tattoos below is 50x50mm(Square). Don't forget to write the Tattoo No's of your choose in the Message section of our Secured SSL Locked Shopping cart

No.28 $0.60 ea BUY

No.29 $0.60 ea BUY

No.30 $0.60 ea BUY

No.31 $0.60 ea BUY

Bulldog Temporary Tattoos

No 32. $0.60 ea BUY

No.33 $0.60 ea BUY

No.34 $0.60 ea BUY

No.35 $0.60 ea BUY

No.36 $0.60 ea BUY

No.37 $0.60 ea BUY

No.38 $0.60 ea BUY

Skull Temporary Tattoos

No.77 $0.60 ea BUY

No.40 $0.60 ea BUY

No. $0.60 ea SOLD OUT

No.42 $0.60 ea BUY

No.43 $0.60 ea BUY

No.44 $0.60 ea BUY

No.45A $0.60 ea BUY

No.46A $0.60 ea BUY

No.49 $0.60 ea BUY

No.50 $0.60 ea BUY

No.51 $0.60 ea BUY

Start Temporary Tattoos

No.55 $0.60 ea BUY

No.56 $0.60 ea BUY

No.57 $0.60 ea BUY

Bad Girl Temporary Tattoos

No.58 $0.60 ea BUY

No.59 $0.60 ea BUY

No.60 $0.60 ea BUY

No.61 $0.60 ea BUY

No.62 $0.60 ea BUY

No.63 $0.60 ea BUY

No.64 $0.60 ea BUY

No.66 $0.60 ea BUY

No.67 $0.60 ea BUY

No.68 $0.60 ea BUY

No.70 $0.60 ea BUY

No.71 $0.60 ea BUY

No.73 $0.60 ea BUY

No.74A $0.60 ea BUY

No.75 $0.60 ea BUY

No.76 $0.60 ea BUY

Skull Temporary Tattoos

No.77 $0.60 ea BUY

No.78 $0.60 ea BUY

No.79 $0.60 ea BUY

Celtic Temporary Tattoos

No.80 $0.60 ea BUY

No.81 $0.60 ea BUY

No.82 $0.60 ea BUY

No.83 $0.60 ea BUY

No.84 $0.60 ea BUY


No.85 $0.60 ea BUY

No.86 $0.60 ea BUY

No.87 $0.60 ea BUY

Black Paw Temporary Tattoos

No.88 $0.60 ea BUY

No.90 $0.60 ea BUY

No.91 $0.60 ea BUY

Skating Frog Temporary Tattoos

No.92 $0.60 ea BUY

Fairy Temporary Tattoos

No.93A $0.60 ea BUY

No.94 $0.60 ea BUY

No.95 $0.60 ea BUY

No.96 $0.60 ea BUY

No.97 $0.60 ea BUY

No.98 $0.60 ea BUY

No.99 $0.60 ea BUY

No.101 $0.60 BUY

No.102 $0.60 BUY

No.103 $0.60 ea BUY

Black Celtic Butterfly

No.103A $0.60 BUY

Glitter Lips Temporary Tattoos

No.104 $0.60 BUY

Monkey Temporary Tattoos

No.105A $0.60 ea BUY

No.106 $0.60 BUY

No.106A $0.60 BUY

No.107 Glitter $0.60 ea BUY

No.108 $0.60 ea BUY

Motor Bike Temporary Tattoos

No.110 $0.60 ea BUY

No.111 $0.60 ea BUY

No.112 $0.60 ea BUY

No.92A $0.60 ea BUY

No.113 $0.60 ea BUY

No.114 $0.60 ea BUY

No.114A $0.60 ea BUY

No.115A $0.60 ea BUY

No.116 $0.60 ea BUY

No.116A $0.60 ea BUY

No.117A $0.60 ea BUY

Monster Truck Temporary Tattoos

No.118A $0.60 ea BUY

No.119 $0.60 ea BUY

No.119A $0.60 ea BUY

No.120 $0.60 ea BUY

No.122 $0.60 ea BUY

No.123 $0.60 ea BUY

No.125 $0.60 ea BUY

No.126 $0.60 ea BUY

No.128 $0.60 ea BUY

Glitter Lips Temporary Tattoos

No.104 $0.60 BUY

No.67 $0.60 ea BUY



Aussie Flag No.59 $0.60 ea BUY


Easy, Fast, Safe and Simple to Apply. Affordable and FDA Compliant. Applied with water

Applied by people with NO special artistic skill. Lasting up to one week on the skin or can be Instantly removed with any perfume or Baby Oil.

Applied for a minimum from $0.50 cents to $4.00 + each and then at the same time get the kids to buy another Tattoo/s to take home and apply themselves for a further $1.00 + each. In this way you double your sales.

Our Coloured Tattoos are released onto the skin with water and a sponge. Easy, Simple, Fast and Safe.

Designed for people with No special artistic skill-Ideal for Fetes and Fund Raising


©™2017 RM

©™2017 RM


Be Safe Tattoos

What you get: You will receive 25 Tattoos of the same design Number you select above (no mixed designs available) Tattoo Size is approx 40mmx57mm each. With 20 different designs to choose from this is a great fun way to address serious potential health or emergency contact issues for your child.
How does it work: Simply purchase the Tattoos: 25xID Tattoos of you choice 40mmx57mm ONLY $19.99 Buy
Tell us the Design Number and supply your Text: In the Message section of the Cart tell us the Design Number you want and the text you want us to use in your Custom Tattoo. We have a space for 2 to 3 lines so give us the essential info. Keep text simple so it wont be too small
Examples : EpiPen In Bag or EpiPen Strapped to Leg. Great for Travelling



For super-real tattoo effect use our Liquiskin® Liquid Skin Shine Off®

Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover



15ml $18.00


50 ml $35.00



Good Quality Paint Brush for our Inks $4.00 ea Buy


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Fundraising Temporary Tattoos ©™2017 RM



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