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Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos are Awesome and please enjoy your shopping experience. Our Temporary Tattoos are printed same day free shipping delivery and FREE Temporary Tattoos Gifts as a thank you for your Business. We sell Fake Henna Temporary Tattoos worldwide, providing an Amazing range of Body Art, Custom and In Stock Temporary Tattoos products. See the latest in Vintage and Asian Inspired Temporary Tattoos. We have a brand new range of DIY Tattoo Papers so you can make you own Tattoos at home on an Inkjet or Laser printer. We are continuously developing new and exciting ways to make your Temporary Tattoos look so real in daylight and with our Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover your Tattoos now can last up to two weeks

As The Original and Professional Pioneers in the Australian Temporary Tattoos Industry we are proud of our experience, quality and customer service

Our New Bloke Sleeves® Tattoo Sleeves, Eye Tattoos and Black Roman Numerals, letters and Tattoo numbers have been a run away success. We now offer a Same Day Custom Temporary Tattoos Logo Printing service .... printed in Melbourne Australia

We pride ourselves on having cutting edge quality, technology and customer service. Our Unique and exclusive Laser only Temporary Tattoos Paper and Liquiskin® Temporary Tattoos mat-e-fi-r™ has been used extensively throughout the Television and Movie Industry worldwide, with Bikie Wars-Brothers in Arms TV Series in Australia a popular example

Being unique and having a product that in day light looks real is the success secret of Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos. We know that you will be absolutely delighted with our Temporary Tattoos Products. If you have any question Call us on 0418589792 at any time


Everybody Loves Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos


Temporary Tattoos Stick on- Great Prices, Free Delivery, Buy our Fake Temporary Tattoos

Our Temporary Tattoos are perfect for all occassions that's why Everyone loves our Raymond Temporary Tattoos from Kids and Grandmothers to high end fashion houses and big corporate businesses.

We have an incredible range of ready to go Temporary Tattoos designs to choose from: Pirate, Fish, Fairy, Heart, Unicorn, Spider, Fairy, Cartoon Truck, Hearts, Yin and Yang, Anchor, Devil, Helicopter, Dog, Cat, Dolphin, Kangaroo, Koala, Roses, Cupids, Animals, Butterflies, Rose and Dagger, Rockabilly vintage Tattoos and unique artist designed temporary tattoos and of course many more. You can express yourself and design your own Temporary Tattoos or use them to promote your business. We have unique printing techniques on offer and a wide range of special FX products to make our Tattoos look better than even real ones.


Temporary _Tattoos

Do you know the great benefits of having your Business, Brand or Logo printed as a Temporary Tattoo for promotional purposes?

Your Brand can be converted and printed fast into fabulous Logo Fake Temporary Tattoos, used for Sales Promotions and Conferences, School Fetes to raise money, Pass Outs for Nightclubs, Brand Awareness for Product Launches, Business Logos, Bands, School Emblems, Sponsorships, TV/Radio Stations, Fund Raisers, Charities, Flags, Sporting Club Logos, Trade Shows, All Special Events. Excellent for marketing against competitors.

WOW Imagaine that you can have your Logo or any image that you treasure including a photo of your Dog, Cat, Hens, Bucks, Wedding, Divorce, printed as Temporary Tattos Same Day. All you need to do is upload your artwork to our online automatic Tattoo Generator software and the sytem does all the rest. Our Custom Logo Tattoos are fantastic for Corporate Events/Functions and are a real Ice Breaker at Sales and Product Launches


Have you ever thought that it would be really cool to make your own Temporary Henna Tattoos?


Make your own Temporary Henna Tattoos for your childs next Birthday Party, create ID Temporary Tattoos so your kids won't get lost, create Tattoos that will enable you to trial, different designs to see which one you like the best. All you need to do is see our exclusive temporary heTattoo Papers.

We have a great range of Temporary Tattoos designed for you to apply in a few seconds and make serious funds on the fete day. You can even purchase our DIY Temporary henna Tattoos Paper to make your own Temporary Tattoos.

We pride ourselves on many product innovations like Liquiskin® Temporary Tattoos Shine remover which adds a second skin film layer to help Temporary Tattoos last up to two weeks and at the same time removing the tell tale Shine from ALL water based Temporary Tattoos. Temporary Tattoos can be the secret of your success in the TV and Film industry. You will make many contacts and get great opportunities presented to you. Many Movie production companies in Austalia including South Pacific Pictures in New Zealand , Warner Bros Movie World, City Homicide, Killing Time, Rush, Offspring to name are using our Temporary henna Tattoos Products


Have you wondered what it would be like to turn a hobby that you really love into a great living?


Low cost with high returns (cost 35 cents sell for $5.00) easy and creative. Designed for people with no special skill. Great for working with kids, brilliant for working in the corporate field. Have you thought of travelling and working as you go? All Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos products can be built into a custom business for you. Our New Henna Black Inks can last for up to two weeks and we have inks for different applications like hand painting, Airbrush and reusbale stencils. We DONT USE ANY PPD IN ANY OUR OUR PRODUCTS. Buy our Dab Dab Tatts® system now for the most Amaizng Tattoos™ that you can imagine. No Airbrush No Skill Dab Dab Tatts®

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Raymond J Mellick The Amazing Raymond in 1985 spend 14,000 hours developing a better Ink and Image Transfer System designed for people with no special skill. Our range of Temporary Tattoos products for fun and profit has been developed for ease of use and perfection of application and visual look. We have written Articles on this at:

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