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Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

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Amazing Raymond®Temporary Tattoos Inks

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Welcome to Amazing Raymond® Tattoos Cosmetic Inks

Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos The Original in the Temporary Tattoos Business for the past 30 years. Free Delivery in Australia and Tattoos printed same day in Melbourne ©™2017 RM



Elena Lieu and Tim Tam Studios uses our Ink Colours in the above Tattoos



Ink for Hand Draw/Painting

Hand Draw Ink
50ml $39.99
Original Blue/Black

Good Quality Paint Brush for our Inks $4.00 ea Buy




Goldcobra® Ink for Airbrush

Our Tattoo Inks are TOP QUALITY and are rich in pigments will last on the skin for up to one week and are so perfect that you can use straight into your airbrush gun. A 50ml bottle of our unique formula Airbrush Ink will spray approx 130 small tatts


Airbrush Ink
50ml Bottles $19.99



Temporary Tattoos Skin Printing



What Does our New Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ™ do

Conceals Fake and Creates "Real"

1. Matts down your Tattoo and takes away the gloss and shine so that your Tattoo will look real in daylight and helps avoid spending thousands in re touching if you are the film director

2. Works with all types of water release Temporary Tattoos and Laser Tattoo paper

3. Perfect for TV, Film, Movies and sold to major film studios both in Aussie and around the world, for Bucks and Hens Nights and all events and parties. While adding a second liquid skin™ Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ™ also helps the tattoo last longer and in some cases up to two weeks.

4. Works on colour and black Temporary Tattoos and helps take out any bubbling, cracking or shine with the gentle action of hi tech tightening....No powder must be used to set this product at all and all skin prior to application must be oil and makeup free

5. We sell Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ™ to many makeup artists who also use this product on prosthetics as their rescue remedy


Temporary Tattoos


Laser only Tattoo Paper and Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ® Concealer Temporary Tattoos Shine remover



Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover



15ml $18.00


50 ml $35.00



Good Quality Paint Brush for our Inks $4.00 ea Buy


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