DIY Inkjet Temporary Tattoos Paper


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Make your Own Temporary Tattoos on your Inkjet or Laser Printer with our Tattoo Paper


You don't need to buy anything...everything supplied with full instructions


You can even draw onto the Tattoo Paper Simply draw onto paper with fast drying pens/markers and then apply cover sheet and you have your own tattoos


Easy, Fun and Safe to use. Extremely cute for kids parties


It is NOT designed for on sale into the retail market, Movies, TV Industry, Super realistic COMIC CON or Large Sporting Team Tattoos


1. Yes it is glossy


2. Yes it looks like a High Tech Sticker


3. Yes it can be peeled off easily if you wish, some people comparing it to a hi tech Band-Aid®


4. Simply buy and use our Liquiskin® Matt Concealer for Ink Jet Tattoo Paper for a really great result (heaps better that the paper by itself)

Temporary Tattoos


Use with both Inkjet and Laser Printers





Don't forget to buy our Liquiskin® Matt Concear for Inkjet Paper

Tattoo Paper and Adhesive Sheet
included DIY at Home
1xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$7.99 (Buy)
2xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$14.50 (Buy)
3xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$19.00 (Buy)
5xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$25.00 (Buy)
10xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$49.00 (Buy)
20xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$96.00 (Buy)
30xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$128.00 (Buy)
50xA4 Sheets Tattoo
Paper Ink Jet
$199.99 (Buy)



What Does Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ® Concealer do?


Conceals Fake and Creates "Real"


Unique and does 3 things at once: Seals,Matts and Long Lasts




For Inkjet Tattoo Paper

15ml $18.00



50 ml $35.00



Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ® Concealer Temporary Tattoos Shine remover





DIY Inkjet Tattoo Paper-Have Fun and be creative at Home

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