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Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ® Concealer for Instant Realism



1. Store Tattoos in a dry dark place and avoid getting water or moisture onto tattoos before applied. This may destroy your stock

2. Application: Follow Instructions card above for best results

3. Removal: Soak with Baby oil then use either perfume, alcohol or any solvent like Medi Swabs® to remove with a gentle but persistent rub

4. DO NOT: We advise that you don't apply to children's faces. Even though our Tattoo product is safe for skin use, the medical grade adhesive we use is designed for long lasting capabilities lasting up to 2 weeks especially for the TV, Movies and film industries. Tattoos can be removed instantly following the above directions BUT sometimes parents try to rub off tattoos from children's faces quickly and with force and this may leave redness which is what we don't want to happen

5. DO NOT: Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes. If any sensitivity occurs remove the product instantly with any perfume, baby oil with a strong gently rub or sticky tape.

6. Safety: Ingredients and Safety Info for all of our Cosmetic Products: Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003.

7. Formulas: All our Formulas and CAS/Einecs/Inci/FDA-21 CFR and CTFA Nos also comply with Australian Govt Department of Health.

As no ink ever touches your skin (forming part of the patent of this product) or penetrates the first layer of skin, the risk of any damage is completely minimized.

Product contains Cellulose Resin Pharmaceutical Grade (Vegetable Origin), Castor Oil (Vegetable Origin). Kaolin, Silica and Water. May contain D&C Red No 7 Calcium Lake, FD&C Blue No 1 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow No 5 Aluminum Lake, Cosmetic Black Oxide, D&C Black No 2, Titanium Dioxide, Mica Coated Titanium Pigments

Custom Temp Tattoos

Liquiskin® for Realism was developed by Raymond Mellick in 1989 after 14,000 of R and D. We have sold over 20,000 Bottles of Liquiskin® in the past 4 Years to Start Ups, Retail and Film Studios all over the world.

We have created formulas and sold to: Easy Tatt 'Easy Matt' (Adelaide Australia), Pepper Ink (Melbourne Australia), Momentary Ink (USA) -We created their Blue Real Teal Ink, Tattapic (USA), InkDaze (USA), Frenzy Flare New York, South Pacific Pictures New Zealand and other Film Studios in NZ, Warner Bros Queensland, Fox Studios Sydney, Burbank Studios USA., Film Africa and studios in Italy, France, Canada, Kuwait, Philippines and UK

We are so proud that we are and have been instrumental in helping Business and Start ups gain success by creating and supplying our Liquiskin® formulas to suit their various Marketing strategies. We thank everyone past and present who have supported us.

Liquiskin® Matte Concealer for Realism

Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

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Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

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