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Bucks, Hens and Wedding Night Temporary Tattoos, Fake Henna Temporary Tattoos for Kids Birthday Parties, Film, TV and Movies...


10 Custom Text Tatts with your Custom Name

20x50mm approx is the perfect size for the wrist area

10 Custom Tattoos Black Only 20mmx50mm approx with your name added in ONLY $3.99 (Buy)

Just simply tell us the words to add into this Design in the message section of our cart

No Change to Colour (Black) or Font

10 of the same artwork. Great for Hens Night e.g. "Sally's Hens Party"



5 Top Quality Gold Foil Metallic Tattoos each approx 30mmx40mm
$3.99 Buy



35 Hens Tattoos 40mmx40mm each. Tell us the Hens Name you want in message section of cart. No other changes to this Template ONLY $14.99 (Buy)



21 Tattoos 30mmx40mm each approx of the above WHITE Team Bride images ONLY $7.99 (Buy)

21 Tattoos 30mmx40mm each approx of the above WHITE Bride Tribe images ONLY $7.99 (Buy)



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Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r ® Concealer for Instant Realism



For super-real tattoo effect use our Liquiskin® Liquid Skin Shine Off®


For Water Release Tattoos

Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover



Add Brush $4.00 Buy

15ml $18.00


50 ml $35.00


Application: We always love seeing the reactions on peoples' faces when they see first hand why our Tattoos look so real. Our Liquiskin® Matt Concealer makes your Tattoos look like they were needled in right under your skin. After Tattoo has been applied with water and sponge (5 seconds), pat dry with cloth and then simply use a finger with a gently circular motion or brush on to spread a thin layer of Liquiskin® over your Tattoo/s and then let dry for 5 seconds
Good Quality Paint Brush for our Inks $4.00 ea Buy


Strictly no permanency or pain

The Amazing Raymond® Hens & Bucks temporary tattoos are the best choice to get your party noticed at your bachelorette or bachelor's night out. An original, fun element to share among the bride or groom's entourage, this collection guarantees that everyone at the pub or club will know the reason why you're celebrating. What a way to get free drinks and busk in all the attention on this special event! Text©2017 Raymond Mellick

And for your mate's last night of freedom, The Amazing Raymond® Bucks tattoos are a great way to celebrate and promote your bromance. Let everyone know you're the "Groom's Support Team" by flaunting these cool temporary tattoos on your next stag night. Other popular designs, like "Game Over", "Team Groom", or "Caution: Bucks Night in Progress", are part of our practical A4 tattoo sheets, full of playful, tongue-in-cheek motifs. Additionally, you can combine these with our masculine Gangsta or Blokes collection to give the groom and his crew a manly tattoo sleeve or neck piece. Join the "Wolf Pack" with The Amazing Raymond® Bucks tattoos! Text©2017 Raymond Mellick

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