Our Tattoo Inks for Your DIY Tattoos


1. Ink for Dabbing into your own Stencils


Unique, Fast, Brilliant Formula and easy using our Ink and Sponge System


50ml Bottle will do approx 450 small Stencil Tattoos..so makes great money


Dab Dab Tatts®


Black Blue Ink Concept for Temporary Tattoo




Dab Dab Tatts™® Ink In Coloured Inks including Sponges
1x50ml-1.70 oz Approx 450 applications
Black Ink inc Sponges $39.99 Buy
Red Ink inc Sponges $39.99 Buy
Blue Ink inc Sponges $39.99 Buy
Yellow Ink inc Sponges $39.99 Buy
White Ink inc Sponges $39.99 Buy



Special Promotion: Spend $100 or more on Dab Dab Tatts® Inks, Hand Draw or Airbrush Inks and we will give you FREE Resusable Stencils chosen by us to the value of $60.00 (We have valued our Stencils at $3.00 each)






Set of 12 Exclusive Dab Dab Sponges $4.90 Buy
Set of 24 Exclusive Dab Dab Sponges $8.00 Buy




Setting Talc


50ml Setting Powder for Dab Dab Tatts® $3.99 Buy




Stencil Re Stick Ink


A must have product for Reusable Stencils or Stencils without any Stick. Instruction send out with goods

15ml $18.00 ea Buy






2. Ink for Hand Drawing


Hand Draw Inks
50ml Bottles $35.00
Black Buy
Blue Buy
Red Buy
Yellow Buy
Green Buy
White Buy


Good Quality Paint Brush for our Inks $4.00 ea Buy




3. Ink for Airbrush


Airbrush Ink
50ml Bottles $19.99
Black Buy
Blue Buy
Red Buy
Yellow Buy
Green Buy
White Buy




Ingredients and Safety Info for all of our Cosmetic Products: Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003.

All our Formulas and CAS/Einecs/Inci/FDA-21 CFR and CTFA Nos also comply with Australian Govt Department of Heath.


Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes. If any sensitivity occurs remove the product instantly with any perfume, baby oil with a strong rub or sticky tape.


As no ink ever touches your skin (forming part of the patent of this product) or penetrates the first layer of skin, the risk of any damage is completely minimized. Product contains Cellulose Resin Pharmaceutical Grade (Vegetable Origin), Castor Oil (Vegetable Origin). Kaolin, Silica and Water. May contain D&C Red No 7 Calcium Lake, FD&C Blue No 1 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow No 5 Aluminum Lake, Cosmetic Black Oxide, D&C Black No 2, Titanium Dioxide, Mica Coated Titanium Pigments

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